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DSO Speed Dating Part 2  |  213 pics  |  34 min HD video




Duration:0:34:30 (scenes: 1)

Director:Bob Marshal




The DSO "Extreme Speed Dating" has more or less come and gone, with this group of partygoers "getting to know each other" with lightning speed, but really what can you know about someone until you've seen them naked!? Well that's the philosophy at this orgy blowout, anyway, and with all the crazy group fucking going on only minutes after meeting and greeting, it's safe to say that this is the best date ever for these crazy Euro-fuckers! With so many anxious Eurobabes like Kate, Klarisa, Rihanna Samuel, Christina Lee, Nessa Devil, and Eliss Fire (to name a few) around it only makes sense that these horny guys turn their date into a double date, or hell, a triple date! The ladies aren't so innocent themselves, some breaking free from their speed dating partner and going right for the ladies or any cocks they can get their hands on! Seeing as how this is only update 2 in this insane sex party, you better believe these "dates" are only going to get a whole lot hotter!

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